Widely acclaimed by the laundry and hospitality industries. VISA is the standard for napery. For very practical reasons.

Excellent color retention.

Unlike all cotton and poly blends, VISA looks bright and new even after hundreds of washings. Whether old or new, colors consistently match your decor.

Luxurious look and feel.

Elegant table linen with a look and feel preferred over cotton and blends, Plus VISA has the ability to cling tenaciously to your lap or in fancy folds. And VISA can be unstarched or starched to any desired crispness.

Extraordinary stain release.

VISA has a unique ability to release stains, soil and odors in the wash. After every laundering, VISA looks clean, smells fresh. And VISA resists soil redeposition, so colors stay bright and whites stay white.

Outstanding absorbency.

VISA quickly soaks up spills for the life of the fabric.

Superior durability.

VISA is made from special continuous filament yarns that resist shrinking and pilling and prevent fiber loss. Unlike cotton and blends, which lose fibers after each washing, VISA keeps its original weight, body and elegant texture. Especially when bleaching whites. Bleaching degrades cotton but has no effect on white VISA.

Unequaled cost effectiveness.

Because VISA has such a superior functional life, it assures maximum return on investment.

Wild Rice

The look and feel of fine linen. A popular fashionable weave available in the colors of the rainbow and with all the performance benefits of VISA. Which mean superior durability, outstanding absorbency and extraordinary stain release.

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